What is Green Energy Barrier?
Green Energy Barrier is a special type of reflective foil attic insulation that acts as a radiant heat barrier; meaning it actually blocks the transfer of radiant heat.

How does it work?
Green Energy Barrier simply acts as a radiant heat barrier by reflecting radiant heat back in the direction which it came from. So, in the summer, when the majority of heat comes in through the roof, Green Energy Barrier will reflect the sun’s heat BEFORE it penetrates your home. In the winter, as heat rises and tries to escape from the ceiling and roof, Green Energy Barrier will reflect that heat back into your home.

Is it safe?
Yes. Green Energy Barrier is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic material that requires no protective clothing, respirator or special tools for handling. In addition, it has a Class A / Class 1 fire rating and has been extensively tested for fire safety, vapor transmission, mold and mildew resistance, emittance and smoke density, along with a full line of physical properties tests.

What is the difference between E-value and R-value?
Until recently, insulation has been measured by an “R” value; which measures the resistance of a product to conductive heat; which is a smaller part of heat transfer in a home. Radiant heat is a home’s principal source of energy loss and is measured by an “E” value. Green Energy Barrier offers an E-value of .003 and acts as a barrier to radiant heat by locking it in during the winter and keeping it out during the summer; which is why it offers homeowners tremendous savings in their utility costs.

Has Green Energy Barrier been tested by outside agencies?
Our product and applications have been tested by an ever growing list of agencies such as: BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI and CCMC. Green Energy Barrier also has ENERGY STAR Approval.

Will Green Energy Barrier attract mold and mildew?
Absolutely not. Green Energy Barrier does not attract mold and mildew.

Do I need to have other insulation in my attic in order for this product to be effective?
No. Green Energy Barrier may be installed on top of your present insulation or stapled under your rafters or crawl space. Regardless of how much or how little insulation you have in your attic, Green Energy Barrier will save on your heating and cooling expense and will keep you much more comfortable.

What is the cost?
Each home is different; which is why there is no “set cost” for this product. This is why we offer a COMPLIMENTARY, no-obligation energy audit. Our certified dealer will come in and examine your energy consumption and will assist you in putting together a game plan to save you money in terms of heating and cooling as you move forward.

What will I save?
Although we cannot give you an exact amount, we can tell you that Green Barrier Energy will block up to 97% of radiant heat in your home and you will see a tremendous savings in your heating and cooling bills.

How long does is take to install?
Green Energy Barrier is installed by a certified dealer in less than one day. It really is that simple to start saving!

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