Insulate Your Home With The Most Advanced Reflective Attic Foil Insulation / Radiant Barrier Product Available

Green Energy Barrier is the most cost effective reflective attic insulation system available.  Whether you install the product or not, you are already paying for it. This is because, during the summer months, heat gain contributes to thousands of dollars in wasted money for many Americans. The same can be said for heat loss during the winter months. Green Energy Barrier offers the premier solution to this problem. 

Unlike typical home installation products that merely help to resist heat, Green Energy Barrier's reflective attic insulation system reflects heat by acting as a radiant heat barrier.  This technology is so powerful and effective, it is the same radiant heat barrier used in NASA’s space suits.

Years ago, NASA found that a thin sheet of aluminum foil radiant barrier would do the same job as a seven-foot thick piece of conventional insulation. Needless to say the astronaut’s space suits could not be seven-feet thick; therefore radiant barrier was implemented into the space suits. By placing the reflective barrier in the space suits it reflected the astronaut’s body temperature back at them, keeping them warm. It also reflected the deadly radiation from the sun helping to keep them cool.

Green Energy Barrier Will Keep You Warmer in the Winter, Cooler in the Summer

When the sun beats down on your roof in the summer time, your roof shingles heat up.  The heat that gets stored up in the shingles then radiates into your attic; making it heat up and causing you air conditioner to work harder and harder to keep up.  Green Energy Barrier’s reflective attic insulation product will reflect back up to 97% of that heat and block the heat from entering your attic.

Throughout the winter, heat will typically rise and escape a home through the attic. By having Green Energy Barrier professionally installed in the attic, that heat will be reflected back into the home, keeping it from escaping, and thereby reducing energy loss and costs wasted on heating.

Installation Process
Green Energy Barrier may be installed on top of your present insulation or stapled under your rafters or inside your crawl space. The installation of this reflective attic insulation takes less than a day to complete and will even make your current insulation more efficient.

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  • stops up to 97%
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    reduces heating and cooling
    costs by up to 40%
    extends the life of your
    heating system and duct work
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